Education through musical play Ages 0-4
Sound Beginnings is a family music class that prepares students for success in Let’s Play Music and Kindergarten. Classes include singing, movement, instrument play, nursery rhymes, games, stories, and ear training activities.

Classes Start Aug. 28th

Registration closes on Aug. 18. classes are limited in size. Send us request and someone will contact you with available class times.

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Have slightly older kids too? Try Let's Play Music.

Preshool Concepts Taught Through Music

Literacy &
Kindergarten Skills
& Beat
Vocal & Pitch
Fine & Gross
Motor Skills
Sound beginnings includes research-based elements that stimulate growth in the areas particularly crucial to the development of the young child. These elements make up the foundation of the Sound Beginnings curriculum.
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What Parents Are Saying About Sound Beginnings

Sound Beginnings has exceeded my expectations. It packs so much into each half hour class with an understanding of what it takes to keep preschoolers engaged and interested in musical activities. I am convinced that Sound Beginnings and Let’s Play Music will lead my two young children to musical success.

Kristin C.

I love the Sound Beginnings class for toddlers because it provides a fun, structured environment for my children to discover and learn music. The lessons are active and playful and involve singing, movement/dancing, musical stories, listening, puppet play, and much more. We have so much fun at the lessons, but best of all, we can continue having fun making music at home because we attend together.

Lisa S.

Fall Classes start on Aug. 28

with class sizes between 5-8 children and a guardian